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- Voice recognition - Speech synthesiser examples

 When I say:
You do: 
Show voice commands, say "show voice commands"

 Live Speech 
 Text Box 
Help - Drop-Down-Bar

 Help - How to partial list

Command(this pop-up)
  • Open/Close Commands
  • Captain's Log - show, read, save, delete last entry
  •     Say "Captain's Log going to lunch"
        Say "Read Captain's log" or "Show Captain's Log"

  • Medical Log - show, read, save, delete last entry
  •     Say "Medical Log just took my vitamines"
        Say "Read Medical Log" or "Show Medical Log"

  • Technical Support
  •     Say "Technical Support I need help with...."

  • Remind me in _____ hours/minutes/seconds to
  •     Say "Remind me in 4 minutes to go to bed"

  • Remind me at __ AM or PM to
  •     Say "Remind me at 4 AM to take out the recyclables"

  • Set Alarm
  •     Say "Set alarm for 5:30 AM"

  • Spell "Synthisis"
  •     Say "Spell a word or sentence"

  • Repeat everything I say
  •     Say "Repeat everyting I say"
        Say "end repeat session"

  • Tell me the last ___ things you heard me say
  • Tell me the last ten things you heard me say"

  • What was the last thing you said
  • Edit Live Speech
    "Say whatever"
  • Accept - last statement
  • Delete - last statement
  • Redo - last Undo statement
  • Reject - last statement
  • Repeat - last statement
  • Undo - last deleted statement
  • Save - Live Speech
  • Accept statements after 5 seconds
  • Reject statements after 5 seconds
  • Start/End Teach You session
  •     Ask a question followed by a question mark,
        then provide an answer followed by a punctuation.!)

  • When I say Where did I put my keys you say on the TV stand
  • Start When I say lessons, end when I say lessons
  • Repeat everything I say, end repeat
  • Capitalize each statement
  • New line for each statement
  •     New line for each statement is displayed in the text area

  • Enter Date Time
  • Enter Date
  • Enter Time
  • Open/Close writers script example
  • Open/Close Portal(s)
  • Evaluate writers script
  • Narrate writers script
  • Open New Documents
  • Open/Close Documents
  • Open New Shopping List
  • Open/Close Shopping List
  • Open New To Do List
  • Open/Close To Do List
  • Show/Close Commands
  • Show/Close ALL Commands
  • Show/Close More Commands*
  • Show/Close Help
  • Show/Close Punctuation Marks (pop up)*
  • Show/Close Speech Synthesiser Help*
  • Show/Close Settings
  • Show/Close Voice Recognition Help*
  • Open/Close/Clear/Paste/Read Text Reader
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Paste Clipboard to Text Reader
  • Open/close/paste/read/clear/copy Text Reader
  •     Say "Open Text Reader"
        Say "Paste" or manually copy and paste text in to Text Reader
        Say "Read Text Reader"

  • Database information
  • "Do you know anything about " Keyword
    "Search Drive Search for " keyword
    "Drive Search Marco Polo"
    "Do you know anything about __________"
    "Know of any Articals about ___________"
    "Wikipedia Centrist party"
    "Show interrogatives"

  • Start/end Synonyms
  • Record
  •     Say "Record"

  • Stop Recording
  •     Say "Stop"
        Saves to your DOWNLOAD folder

     Close Commands
     Text Reader - Paste text below, then say 'read text'.
     Open/Close Text Reader - Paste Clipboard - Save Text Reader - Read Text Reader
     Show First Saved - Show Previous Saved - Show Next Saved - Show Last Saved

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